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nur tray magazine - hvítur

Verð : 7.700kr

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Stærð 21 cm x 20,5 cm x 3,5 cm

Get your office well organized.
Perfect spot for your magazines and documents that you need to have within reach


Made in Denmark
The NUR tray is a great example of how minimalistic and timeless design can be used for miscellaneous purposes. Bringing your own and personal content in focus the NUR tray can be used with an diversity where your home decor imagination is set to be unlimited.

Made from 100% steel with powder coating.
Hot colorful candle wax can leave marks as well as other strong dyes.
The metal can get extremely hot and leave marks.
The product is not approved for food.
Oil from cooking etc should be removed immediately to avoid marks.
Clean with a wet cloth and mild soap. Do not put in dishwasher. Do not use washing brushes or other abrasive cloths, as this can damage the product surface.
Remove water & moisture. 
Avoid the product in rooms that are constantly we

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